Launching new products the market doesn’t think it needs.

RemFresh found a better way to deliver the sleep aid melatonin. Their continuous release formula mimics the body’s natural sleep pattern and leaves users more refreshed and alert in the morning.

The Problem

How does a start-up with a limited budget take on a crowded field of established brands and heavy media spenders?

The Solution

RemFresh started with the right media company. Us.

The Strategy

Take the message to the point of suffering.

With a mix of national cable and broadcast news, we put RemFresh in front of its target consumers when they needed it most. Overnight and early morning, for example. Our media choice delivered the reach. Our use of 15 second messages delivered the frequency.

Sales Increase First Month
Distribution doubled
New retailer outlets Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens signed on

"Reversing a trend."



IBgard has a superior product that eliminates the most common side effects of irritable bowel syndrome remedies. Unfortunately, stacked against larger players in a crowded field, their sales penetration plateaued. Budget limitations also contributed to the malaise.

The company tried several media and message shifts before coming to us. None of them worked. Since we are a research-first company, we attacked the problem from the POV of finding new markets and new ways into existing markets.

Research insight

Young people have IB, too. IBgard’s marketing had been aiming at an older demographic, prone to suffering from IB.


Adding budget was not an options. So, we looked at much more granular viewer data. A shift in programming reached a new, younger demo while maintaining IBgard’s share of voice in its core demo.

YOY Sales Increase
Sales growth during media periods outpaces declines in hiatus