QuickChek is a routine for most people. A coffee or breakfast stop. Lunch on the go. Picking up traditional convenience store items on the way home. Keeping QC top of mind was the client’s objective.

A. Drive awareness for the chain
B. Stimulate single-store sales
C. An SOS for problem stores in case A & B aren’t enough

Meeting the objective isn’t enough for us. Especially in this case. Especially against competitors like WaWa and Speedway.

What we did: We got in the trenches
• Developed a mass awareness campaign flexible enough to impact sales at the store level
• Localized secondary media to impact individual stores
• Created LSM promotions for suggestive selling
• Developed partnerships for cross-promotion

Radio is at the core of QC’s effort.
It delivers reach and frequency for the budget.
• It’s the only mass media flexible enough to be engaged for promotions and opportunities.
• Outdoor also plays an important role. We overlayed QC’s location map with billboards in proximity to stores. And FYI? You can optimize outdoor, too. We were able to decrease that by 30% with only a 3% impression loss.


Traded counter space in exchange for mention in partners’ media, boosting our overall mass media share of voice.


Come in for coffee in the morning, get a hand stamp and come back after 12 for discounts on subs.

Hot alignments

Feed media staff covering major news/weather events in return for on-air mentions and banter. Brought coffee to people waiting for American Idol auditions.


When sale reports showed weakening in a given store, we attacked it with hyper-local targeting like direct mail, appearances, coffee promos, couponing and cross-couponing.

"We’re always looking for ways to extend the market awareness and messaging into local store selling. The results speak for themselves, especially in the past 3 years."


Location Growth
Decrease in Ad Spend
Average Check Increase
Increase in Store Traffic