In 1999 the Northeast Subaru Dealer council was a niche player with a $250,000 budget. The NY/NJ Toyota budget was $80 million that year. Try making a dent in that.

Radio was a given for awareness and frequency in ‘99. But which of over 70 stations in the DMA? Using our research strength we built a “network” of stations based on target demos, Subaru dealer locations, and even weather forecasts. Targeting, ahead of its time.


Over the years.

The Subaru Dealer Council relied on our ability to target with uncanny accuracy. But we’ve rebuilt the engine driving their success a few times. Radio is still a key tactic. But now it’s used to lift the performance of search, programmatic video, and dynamic display. The result is the same. Consistent YOY double digit market share and sales growth. Today, Subaru is a text book case in integration and efficiency.


Launching the new Subaru Ascent.

The objective was to construct a family-targeted campaign that dove-tailed with factory advertising and drove traffic to the individual 36 Subaru dealers in the region.
• Factory: Here’s a great new car
• SDC: Here’s where you get it
• Dealers: Here’s a dealer near you
We layered network TV, premium cable networks and sports, and programmatic connected TV to create awareness and a funnel driving interest straight to the dealerships.
The result: Let’s just say they’re not making them fast enough.

Campaign Performance

(and we’re just getting started):

Digital Impressions
Completed Video Views
TV Impressions
Outperforming Industry Benchmark