An Award-Winning
Integrated Media & Marketing Company

What is integrated media, anyway?

It’s nothing new, just FYI . We’ve been “integrated” media experts for over 30 years. It’s all about objectives and strategy first. Then building a media matrix that delivers against them. Maybe it’s digital. Maybe traditional. Maybe social. Maybe all of the above in an integrated marketing and media plan.

The award-winning part comes from our uniquely effective way of combining research, strategy, tracking, and continuously optimized ROI.

How we work

No tea leaves

No wizard behind the curtain. No secret sauce. No crystal ball. There’s no substitute for a network of research, data, and media management tools in the hands of smart, insightful people who are passionate about getting results. Those, we have in abundance.

Short version: No matter where your customers are, we:

  • Research what makes them tick
  • Develop a strategy to leverage that insight
  • Build the right media matrix against that strategy
  • Optimize for ROI regularly


Full-service planning and buying on local, regional, and national level.

  • Radio
  • TV/Cable
  • Out of Home
  • Print
  • Direct
  • Paid Search
  • Optimization
  • Online Video
  • Connected TV
  • Cross-platform integration
  • Custom client dashboards
  • Data management platforms
  • Results and ROI tracking
How we make it work

The JL Media Culture

Global experience. People with fire. Open workspace. Driven to over-deliver. Always on, and fun.
When clients come just to hang and have lunch, it tells us this is a happy place to be.

What happens when clients hire us?

Their markets and sales grow.

New Jersey born and raised. Nobody knows the Northeast markets as well as we do. But we’re also delivering results in over 50 of the U.S. top markets.

We look good
in green

Killington wanted to spread
the word about launching
its new season – summer.
But, generations of people
have only seen Killington in white.


This is the kind
of assignment 
we sink our
teeth into and deliver far
more than the client is
asking for.

Just Say

We created a
drug habit
would want
to kick.


Our Subaru engine
has been built and rebuilt
3 times
in 20 years.
And it runs

better than ever.


Creative Services

Media companies aren’t supposed to be creative. Are they? Our view: How does one separate the message from the media? It’s a 20-year communications industry trend we’re happy to reverse. So, we built a creative team much like our media team – international, national, and local experienced writers, designers, and creative directors. All award-winners. But like us, the awards they covet most arrive in a client’s monthly sales report.

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