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Brands need a partner who understands Media from a 360-degree view.


JL360 helps our clients succeed and stay relevant by delivering digital-first experiences to their key audiences, and gathering robust data and actionable insights.


In this ever-changing media landscape, we help brands reach their audiences across all touchpoints - picking up where the traditional media leaves off and utilizing cutting-edge attribution modeling and insight platforms to deliver first-class brand experiences.

Digital First.

Attribution Focused.

Results. Delivered.


Custom Audience Building

Building customized audiences is an efficient way to reach your target audience where they are engaging. Our platform-certified buyers can target audiences based on search history, demographics, geography, interests, and even purchase behavior. 

Data Visualization

Brands want real-time access to their insights presented in a digestible way. To facilitate this, JL360 develops custom analytics dashboards that allow our clients to easily view up-to-date KPI snapshots for their campaigns.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a crucial element when it comes to helping clients maintain a competitive advantage. Our analysts have the tools and experience needed to visualize predictive capabilities - in turn helping our clients execute winning media strategies.

Analytics & Attribution

From attribution modeling to creating a customer journey that you can present to upper management, JL360's Data Science team takes all touchpoints into consideration to clearly demonstrate what's working (or not working) on your campaigns.

Cross-Ecosystem TV Measurement

Our data partners at TVSquared have a diversified dataset that enables deterministic measurement across the ecosystem – from local and national broadcast and cable to OTT/CTV initiatives that cover vMVPDs, the flixes, DSPs/SSPs and TV aggregators and station groups. 


Our team keeps tabs on the pulse of industry trends and research so that we can offer our clients the latest tools and strategies that will help them stand out.

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