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EMarketer: Retail Media Explainer

What Marketers Should Know About This Advertising Juggernaut

Reprinted with permission from EMarketer.

Retail media is one of the largest and fastest-growing ad markets in the US. It took only five years—from 2016 to 2021—for it to ramp up from $1 billion to $30 billion. That’s on par with mobile (also five years) and considerably faster than video (9 years), social networks (11 years), and search (at least 15 years).


  1. What is retail media?

  2. How big is the market and what’s driving growth?

  3. What part of the purchase funnel does retail media reach?

  4. Why is it important to advertisers, retailers, and ad tech companies?.

Read the full downloadable report here:

Download PDF • 1.40MB

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