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EMarketer Trend Report: Time Spent on TikTok

Gen Zers Aren’t the Only TikTok Addicts—That’s Bad News for Meta, Snap, Netflix, and YouTube

Reprinted with permission from EMarketer.

The amount of time US adult TikTok users spend on the app is rising quickly. It’s well ahead of YouTube user time and closing the gap with Netflix. Our first-ever forecast for time spent on social platforms by age reveals what—and who—is driving the growth.

KEY QUESTION: Why is time on TikTok rising across all adult age groups, and what does that mean for video advertisers?

KEY STAT: US adult users will spend close to 56 minutes per day on TikTok this year, exceeding our previous forecast by 18.7%.

Download the full report here:

Download PDF • 438KB

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